By Bruce Fong

Is it necessary to have your home inspected before selling it? The answer is “Yes.” It is important that you know the physical condition of your property before engaging in a contract of selling it. Home inspection involves making a thorough study on your home to diagnose any physical defects.

Its service also includes identifying possible future damages of the property that may need to be replaced, repaired or just monitored.

So what are the benefits of having you property undergo a Home Inspection? Making use of a home inspection is vital to both buyer and seller. It provides reassurance to the buyers being able to know the real physical condition of the house even if it is relatively new. They will somehow feel assured knowing that there are no possible major surprises that may arise and would feel confident to place a bid. As a seller, you can also save time and money with home inspection.

You will also get to know the root of the problem and not just deal on what is seen. Like for example, the toilet does not flush. You will hire a repairman, but still experience the same problem after the repair. If you had chosen to hire a home inspector in the first place, you would have known that the main problem was on the plumbing and would have given attention to that source of the problem.

You can also benefit from home inspection in the sense that you will have the option of repairing the problem or just drop a few dollars off the price. Making the repairs before selling the property can help you be in the position to play hardball.

So here are some things the inspector is going to evaluate while doing a home inspection. He will take a close look on the basement making sure that it is not damp enough which may deteriorate the building materials and attract insects. He would also check on the roofs and chimneys for possible damages due to moisture. He also inspects on plumbing as well as the septic system. So if there are any leak problems, make sure to fix it long before having the property inspected. The inspector would also check on the electrical system to make sure everything is adequate to meet the electrical needs of the house.

This information will somehow give you an insight on what to expect in a home inspection as well as the importance of having one before selling the house. But prior to having your house checked, make sure the property is on tip top shape. And if you receive some negative statements from the inspector, do not be discouraged. He only takes note on everything he had seen in your house. And do not feel obliged to meet any unreasonable demands for repairs.


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